Hugs for Israel -                    Helping the Hurt to Heal
What We Do
• Hospital and home visits…listening, caring, and lavishing an abundant supply of hugs.
• Establishing on-going and regular follow-up with the child long after the media has moved on to other stories so that they and their families can be reminded of the LORD's Love and care for them.
• Matching mature Believers from abroad with a child victim in our sponsorship project called the Adopt-a-Grandchild Project.
• Expanding the child’s horizons and focus through the personal pen-pal project, called HugsPals, with children abroad.
• Linking Israeli community centers and schools with community groups and schools in the US and abroad in the “HugsAcrossTheSeas” (H.A.T.S.) Partnership Project.
• Reaching out to the communities to bless them as a whole by providing fun things for its children because we understand that when an attack occurs, the entire community is affected in some way.
• Meeting health needs of children victims with monetary assistance.
• Coupled with our hands-on approach, we most importantly endeavor to allow the power of faithful and fervent prayer to completely uproot the seeds sown of hatred and violence and to sow lasting seeds of Love and Compassion into the lives of this generation here in Israel…in preparation for the next.