Hugs for Israel -                    Helping the Hurt to Heal
March 2009
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1. My new helper, Dasha, with Shai in Ashdod
2. Liel in Netanya
3. Brenda with Liel in Netanya
4. Betty in Netanya
5. Brenda with Betty in Netanya
6. Lenore with her father in Netanya
7. Brenda with Lenore in Netanya
8. The Pawleys of Jewish Grace Ministries bringing supplies for us.
9. Brenda with the Pawleys
10.Brenda with the Witherspoons also with Jewish Grace Ministries
11.Taking a Hugs Puppet Theater to a new kindergarten in Ashkelon
12. In addition to the puppet theater each child also got gift bags
13. Ruti in Ashdod
14. Ruti
15. Dasha, Ruti and Shai in Ashdod
16. Ruti sings for us.
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