Hugs for Israel -                    Helping the Hurt to Heal
More Ways to Get Involved
1) The Extra Suitcase Ministry
Are you or someone you know coming to Israel alone or with a group?
Why not volunteer to be part of our much needed (and greatly appreciated!) Hugs Extra Suitcase Ministry.
How does this work? You simply use your 2nd suitcase allowance to bring supplies for Hugs for Israel. That's right. 
Come with that extra suitcase "stuffedwithkidsstuff' some of which we would supply and some you could supply. (Please NOTE: We do not accept used toys and clothes.)
Think about it.  What better way to jump start your journey here to the Holy Land than coming with a Blessing for the children of Israel ALREADY in your hands. 
Just contact us as soon as your departure date is set so that there is ample time to have the merchandise shipped to you or time for you to shop for the things we need.   Those who have already  been volunteers with the Hugs Extra Suitcase Ministry all say what a BLESSING it was for them to be "allowed" to do it!!! We have no doubt that those will be your sentiments as well.
2) PR (Public Relations)
Do you have the gift of gab?  Do you have contacts within your local media community?  We need volunteers to coordinate speaking engagements for visiting Hugs staff  in your area.  You would help us to spread the Truth globally about what is really happening in Israel and how the LORD is using Hugs in very positive ways to cover young Israeli victims of terror with the Unconditional Love of the LORD. 
3)We need your talents, skills, and expertise in the following areas also!
In the Creative Arts and Sports:
Double-dutch rope jumpers
Frisbee players
Yo-Yo enthusiasts
Kite Builders
Arts and Crafts
In Production:(Stay where you are and help us from there)
Computer technicians
Graphic artists
Translators (all languages)