Hugs for Israel -                    Helping the Hurt to Heal
About Us    
Our Vision   
Hugs for Israel is a legally registered Israeli non-profit charitable organization composed of Bible-believing concerned Christians and Jews from around the world. Headquartered in Jerusalem, we are dedicated to reaching out to ALL Israeli children victims of terror with a mandate from the LORD to simply apply the unconditional Love of God to their deep emotional wounds.             
Therefore, our purpose is not to evangelize, but rather to come along side of these children...both Jewish and Israeli-Arab...who are in the midst of trauma caused by acts of terrorism (either directly or indirectly) and to encircle them with arms of comfort as a refuge for them from their pain and fears.  To restore the innocence, joy and hope of  their them beauty for ashes...that they might be able once more to live...and laugh...and love. 
The day will come when those whom we are "hugging" now will in turn be able to reach out and to "hug" others...even those from the offenders...with the same comfort they have received.  This is our prayer and our strong faith!