Hugs for Israel -                    Helping the Hurt to Heal
The "Adopt-a-Grandchild" Project
We have all heard of adopting a child, but what about adopting a "grandchild?"  This unique project enables matrue Believing adults (individuals, couples, or groups) to "adopt" a young Israeli terror victim in a sponsorship program. They then commit to pray for the child while actively supporting them on a monthly basis through financial gifts meant soley for that particular child. 
This has proven to be avery effective project in that it not only directly
impacts the child with positive reinforcement but also serves as a
wonderful testimony to other family members month after month
after month. PLUS, the joy and satisfaction that the "Adoptive Grandparent" feels is immense knowing that they have been entrusted by God (right from where they are) with the task ofnurtunng one of HiS precious little ones here in the Land of Israel.
One  wonderful example of this program at work is the case of Ruti and Shai...siblings traumatized by the rocket attacks in Sderot.  They  are the "adoptive grandchildren" of a small church in Arizona which has faithfully supported them for the past 5 years!  We need more like this.  
Please prayerfully consider allowing the LORD to use you as a "Hugs Adoptive Grandparent. "Then contact us at the address on this brochure to be paired with one or more of our Hugs children. We strongly encourage groups such as churches or prayer groups to consider adopting multiple siblings, especially those who have been orphaned (losing either one or both parents) as a result of terror attacks.